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Your Perfect Guide To Become An Ultimate Brawler!

Indeed, this will end up being our primary objective at Brawl Stars Review. So ensure that you are giving careful consideration to each word specified in-between the lines and furthermore on the off chance that you have any proposals, don’t hesitate to send them to our Email on http://newstarship.com throughContact Us”.

The road to become an ultimate brawler is not easy, but still it is achievable once you get the right materials and tips to be followed. First thing we will have to obtain as the main weapon in this journey is going to be the Brawl Stars hack cheats.

Utilize Everything Around You For Surviving And Turning into A Solitary Champ.

Once the battle begins, you should realize that each block on the battlefield could be used to benefit from it. We are not talking about the Brawl Stars hack cheats here. actually this is 100% related to your skill level.

For example: the walls which you are considering them annoying and a source for distraction inside. You should think out of the box and use them to block incoming attacks. Maybe even hide behind them for a better opportunity to jump over your opponent once everything is set.

Knowing the fact these walls are there to protect you, this would give you a huge leverage over other players. Only the smart players would manage to survive through the hard times and know how to use the given materials even though if they were very little.

There are some types of attacks which would find their way to you, even if you are behind the cover. And that is when your time will come to learn more about the game heroes. Read about the available heroes in the game and start your studying to know the pros and cons of each brawler on the game so far.

Knowing Your Foe Shortcoming Is the Briefest Way to Triumph!

Some of the matches you will get to encounter Poco. This Poco is a nightmare if it is against you. Poco will manage to keep all his team mates alive for longer than you would ever imagine. Its main role is to keep healing and regenerating health points back to his teammates.

This is the only brawler that is capable of doing such a thing. Maybe you should give it more attention for several reasons. Knowing that as long as this brawler is alive and on the battlefield, you will never be able to kill any other brawler, or in other words. You will find many difficulties of dominating the game or killing a rank brawler.

Kill Poco as soon as you spot him. Do not waste any extra moment on any other brawler, as this Poco is a huge source of strength and power.

Continuously Consider the Counter-Assault Strategy!

We do not have to mention over and over again, that the crystals are the only way to win the game with. So collecting them shall become the number one target, but actually you must have several plans in your head on how to collect them. Let us help you out by sorting them plans.

  • Move smartly behind the enemy lines, and use the walls as a cover whilst you are snatching them crystals.
  • Use your brawler special abilities to eliminate any threat to your crystals collecting mission.
  • Knowing exactly when to run away and when to fight. utilizing between both techniques would lead for a longer surviving period and much improved powers.
  • Always focus your fire-power on the brawler that is carrying the most crystals. Taking him down will deal massive damage to your enemies. And this is what we meant by the counter-attack technique.


How to Win a Game withMinimum Effort?

We will try to make this segment as simple as possible so it would suit all levels of readers. If you believe that you are good enough, then skipping the starting lines would be a good idea to save you the time.

In most of the game modes, the main target is to collect as many crystals as possible. So in our case, as we are looking for a fast and easy win, then we would say 10 crystals are more than enough to secure you a victory. This could be a very cheap move but it is very realistic.

You do not have to keep fighting for the entire match, sometimes using your brain and getting it to do the job for you for a while is a smart thing. So shall we call this move a smart maneuvering skill?

Running around and escaping from the battles with the collected crystals is a something only the smart players would do. Leaving all the fights and combats behind just to secure the crystals until the time runs out.

Secure The Precious Crystals Holder at Any Cost!

As we have illustrated above that the team will win only if it manages to secure as many crystals as possible. These crystals will appear on random spots on the battlefield, so getting them would require a lot of fighting and smart movement.

But the main part is knowing that a brawler will pick it up eventually. So dividing the efforts and setting some brawlers to focus on the fights and others on collecting the crystals could be a very good idea.

Eventually, you will find a tracker on the screen showing you the brawler whom is carrying the most crystals. This guy will become your most valuable player at the current moment, so if you are looking for an easy win. leave everything behind and search for him instantly to provide him with fire assistant and coverage of fire.

Seeing the crystals carrier reaching the safe spot is such a pleasure and great thing to witness. It will only happen by team-work and right planning. You can find extra brave and smart plans mentioned for our readers all over this review.

Several Modes Available to Choose from.

This is something that we have actually enjoyed the most in this game. The idea of having several playable modes available in there to choose from is something that would keep you hooked up with the game for longer periods.

You will never get bored easily or lose your interest in the game, as there will be always a new challenge coming up ahead.

For example: the “Heist” mode, it is split into two sides. The one whom is protecting the crystals and safe, so they would take all their cautions and try to defend the safe from the invaders at any cost. the approximate time of the heist match would take up to 24 minutes.

You will only win the match by keeping the safe in its original shape, and if you were playing on the other side of the match, then you got a very hard mission up ahead to steal what is inside the safe and do damage to the defenders.

Keep The Game Updated With The Latest Changes.

Speaking about the Heist mode previously has got us more attached into explaining the different types of modes inside and also letting the readers know more about the pros and cons of each one.

The most common mode and it is the most played one of course is the “Showdown” mode. It is bringing 10 players into the battlefield and actually the big surprise is that there are no teams inside. Which means, everyone is on his own.

Winning in showdown would require some special skills, we are speaking about being selfish and always trying to become the only winner out of any situation you would be placed into.

Surviving shall become the number one priority inside, the only survivor at the end shall become the winner. But you may find the necessary instructions on how to survive in this mode later on here.

How to Survive for Longer Periods in “Showdown” Mode?

We get asked the same question so frequently, that is why we are planning to make this private section specially for this purpose, and we will be covering up all the survival techniques that you need to follow in order to become a lone survival.

*First thing to do is to do your research on the battlefield map, knowing the exact spawn locations and the blocks, which you could be using for your own benefit are such strong materials.

*Try to stay away from the huge conflicts inside, if you notice any large scale battle going on between the brawlers, avoiding it is the best option you could choose in order to survive.

*Understanding the powers of the brawlers, you are getting matched up with. This will give you an advantage over them, when the number of brawlers starts to decrease down at the end.

*You must gain strength in this mode as early as possible, and this could be done through several ways. We are speaking about consuming crates with charging powers. These crates are easily identifiable with the lighting sign over it.

*Consume the crate potions and increase your strength. But that is not the only way to get them strengthen potions. Actually, if you have managed to eliminate any brawler on the battlefield, you are getting the chance to obtain any potions they could be carrying around.

*Always keep your focus on the weaker brawlers. As we have mentioned earlier, that the strength potions could be dropped from them. And also, you will manage to get your powers recognized by many players around.

By reaching this point, I guess we have managed to cover the entire main instructions to survive and score highest points possible in the “Showdown” mode. Keep reading to learn more about other new exciting modes.

There Is Always a Room for Team Fights.

If you are planning to form out a team and start playing competitively, then the bounty mode is waiting for you. This is one of the perfect modes, that was created especially for the team fights.

The winning team must collect as many stars as possible from the battlefield ground. Which means, killing out the brawlers on the opposite team will also help you to increase your star’s number.

Follow our battle techniques, and be careful not to get killed on the ground as you will lose stars and will result in dragging your team down as well.

Calculating every step, you are taking is considered as a smart thing to do. Because you do not want to find yourself right in the open field and everyone is aiming and shooting at you. Move from one cover to another and start sneaking in to snatch the right opportunity when it becomes available.

Don’t hesitate to Welcome Your Companions in!

As we all are getting attached more to the games, that our friends are playing in as well. So that is something you should put into consideration of course. And the game developers did not miss out on this part actually.

Creating a band is the first thing to do inside, this band will allow you to gather all your friends in one place and manage to fight out and dominate the other opponent’s bands. But first we will go through the steps of the invitation system and how it works, as this could show you a complete ease of usage.


  • Login to the game using your Facebook or Gmail account.
  • Give the accounts the necessary permissions to be used inside. And do not worry, there will not be anything happening on your behalf without your permission. So you are basically safe and secure from any possible harm.
  • Start sending out invitations to your friends. We are advising you to keep it low as possible, as some people in your friends list would find it annoying to receive continuous invitations to games they do not play.
  • Do not forget to claim your reward for getting one of your friends into the game. that is the system being followed by the game to attract more players.

By reaching this point we have covered the friends part and with all of its important affecting factors. On the next segment, we shall speak more in depth about the cloud saving and how it works mainly.

Never Overlook the Cloud Saving Feature!

Yes, we have to remind our readers again, with the importance of the cloud saving feature and how it is considered to be a lifesaving. I will list down the benefits of using the cloud saving and how it will be changing your vision over it for long time. But you should know that you have to link out any of your social media accounts with the game in order to activate this feature.

  • Knowing that all your progressing files and data are stored in a safe location is something not everyone get to experience.
  • No matter which device you are using, you will simply retrieve back the game files once you reuse the same account once more.
  • It is necessary to have an active internet connection to get it activated of course. But it will consume nothing from your data plan, only few KBS.
  • If you are planning to uninstall the game to free some space, then this doesn’t mean you are losing the game progressing files as well. It will simply remain there stored in a very safe spot.

Enjoy The Grinding Like Never Before with Our Definitive Tips.

The word grinding might be new to your ears, but if you were a former player. Then you should be realizing how great it is going to be to get yourself into the smallest details of the grinding mode.

But let’s make the word grinding much clearer to you. We are meaning by the act “Grinding” an improvement in all sides of the game. Including increasing your stock of gems mainly, and gaining levels in a very steady scale.

So we will be starting with the most guaranteed way to gain the trophies and coins. Jump right into the showdown mode, and for your information. Showdown is the most played mode in the game so far until this point. So you should be expecting hard challenge over there.

It is advised to start the following steps with a character that is low in level. It works the best with the starting up characters from the bottom, as the already high ones, would find it much more difficult or it would consume more time to get things done.

  • Once the battle begins, make sure you are 100% focused and you are not getting engaged into any combat. Maybe this is might sound very cowardly move but we are here for a main goal.
  • Now, start operating stealthily on snatching the power ups when they become available. But of course try not be detected. And if there is any possibility to consume a box without being seen, then this could be a very good move.
  • Now, you would love to get some more kills as that is how the showdown mode is all about. The optimal way to do it is to start following out some brawlers on the map and wait for them until they engage with an opponent. Of course you have to make sure that you are totally invisible.
  • The battle begins between two random brawlers, and you will just show up from nowhere to kill them both after they are exhausted or maybe wait for one brawler until he is close to death and the last bullet would be yours.

The methods we have mentioned earlier on here are very effective and been tested and guaranteed that is working correctly. Find more grinding features down below.

Knowing Precisely When to Utilize Your Extra ordinary Abilities Is Such an Art.

As you are reaching this point of our review, then we are pretty sure you are looking to improve your playing skill set and trying to become more like a Pro player. Then the amount of effort you putting into the game, shall never be like anyone else.

The effort alone is not enough if it is not direct into the right place. Then it would be more like a waste of time, and that is what we are trying to avoid here by creating this guide.

One of the smallest details, which will define the pro player from an amateur is the special skill usage system.

Any regular player, will simply spam out all his special skills once there is an opportunity to take out a brawler, but they never save them for the right necessary moment, when everything starts to become very challenging and battle is nowhere close from ending.

This is going to be the only right moment to let your special skills out, when the skill will be deciding a great victory to your team or just another lose. Chasing unnecessary kills or the personal glory is nothing any pro should be doing in the heist mode. There are several modes for it.

How to Retrieve the Lost Trophies in Matter of moments?

Have you been playing the showdown for way too long now and lost way too many trophies? Then the solution for such a problem is right here!

Only follow the following steps if you are an advanced player. So first step to follow is to get a team that is decently fine. We are not speaking about complete idiots whom will just run into the open battlefield and get shot down instantly. The solid team is the optimal way to win in the battles, so organizing them out and telling them which brawlers would fit in is the key to get your trophies back.

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